Environment Friendly Houses and Home Improvement!

From the ancient past peoples are trying to improve their living conditions and the idea of home improvement business typically derived from that concept.  In many ways someone can improve his home condition. Some of those ways might require enormous amount of money to spend. Again in some other cases, you can get a better home without costing a single penny.

On an average spending a little amount of money can do everything! Some can décor his home is generic ways. Again someone else can go for a custom way to decorate his house. In some cases, repairing a house can entirely change the look. In some other cases, renovation is a mandatory.

Therefore we need to say, it’s up to you to decide as a homeowner what you need and what you would pick. You can find numbers of home improvement service providers who can do things at your ease. What is requires here, is making a good connection with a good service provider.

Concept of eco-houses: 

  • Now a day the concept of getting an eco-house has already gone viral, especially in those countries where temperature remains cold most of the time of a year.  The main aim to get such houses is to keep the warmth for future and to transmit the heat when it would be not necessary to keep. This is something like greenhouse effect.
  • People those want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle usually go for getting eco-friendly houses.  Say as example, if you want to get a house where the temperature would always remain closer to 25 degrees, getting an eco-house would be great for you, and probably the best option to choose, instead of an air conditioner.

Learning something more about it: 

You can learn a lot more about eco-houses from books and internet. Just make a Google search; you can get plenty of informational related to that. Learn about this more and decide whether you need it or not. You can get lot of professional peoples to help you in case of making an eco-friendly house on behalf of you and honestly speaking that would not cost you a lot. Or you can do it yourself with some help of tool , for example miter saw machine for the cutting of wood pieces into parts , router for making joiner edge , Router table as Bosch RA1181 for put the router in , you can read more about router table reviews for finding more information ….. You need to find more technique to do that at home .

Just try to reach to a good service provider. But before making a connection with someone professional, we recommend peoples to learn the basic of it. You might know that an eco-friendly house can work as energy saver. It keeps a thermal condition where everyone would love to live. Research has found that if people could live an entire life in an eco-friendly house, the average rate of living would be increased by a minimum of five percent.

So if you are decided to get an eco-house, don’t take much time to pick a good service provider which can provide you solution. We recommend peoples to walk in this process:

  • Firstly try to realize your home condition.
  • Search on internet to learn about eco-houses
  • Find a good service provider
  • Talk with the service provider and tell them your demand
  • Clarify everything related to further installment, say as costing etc

Horizontal Band saw and Vertical Band saw

Among the pleasures of the expert repair person, actually understands how in order to make use of the resources correctly and this individual works together. For view information band saw reviews This is why; understanding how to use a horizontal band saw or vertical band saw is going to be their enjoyment. This is why prior to getting one, which is necessary. This kind of individual, make subsequent factors by band saw.

best band saw product

best band saw product

Horizontal Band saw

Very first, the vertical band saw, along with a horizontal band saw is very different band saw resources, which used to focus on alloys to attain various things. The actual horizontally type is usually used in creating slashes within big function items because it offers ability to do that. Whilst the vertical kind that uses much less energy can make constant slashes, with the round limitless cutting blades. They have the capability to master complex slashes. The band saw is really a saw, by which you can use with regard to focusing on metallic, wooden as well as for reducing various other components for example plastic material. Meaning much energy is going to be ingested when using this particular device, for that reason the essential concern to get to acquire the band saw is actually energy usage needed through the specific kind you might be purchasing. In case what you should use the actual band saw with regard to is actually reducing via big wood logs, after that many energy is going to be needed which indicates improved electric bills for you personally. Furthermore, an additional concern you ought to have to acquire the horizontal band saw or the vertical kind may be the type of edge you will need. This really is required since the kind of edge a person obtains decides slashes created. Quite simply, various cutting blades create various slashes. To find out more with this, make sure you talk to the product sales consultant.

best band saw product 1

Vertical Band saw

Other issues that you ought to trouble yourself within this short article refer in order to vertical band saw particularly and they are the actual desk dimension. It is advisable as well as better within purchasing a bigger desk because will offer much more brace with regard to lengthy as well as broad components when you wish to operate with them. Additionally, with regard to add, you need the tear fencing as well as miter, measurement since tend to be good for this particular band saw kind.

Think yourself before buying Band Saw

On the last notice, it is best to what, is item to tag associated, with any kind of band saw you intend to purchase? Look for the actual ranking, the item, electric motor, dimensions standards. Furthermore, put in doubt through the product sales staff, if you want to obtain annotations upon things does not realize. Adopting the factors mentioned right here ought to generate a great place whenever trying to purchase a horizontal band saw or even the vertical equal.

Believe any kind of the Chainsaw

Now, I am going to introduce this article to the newbie, who are with less knowledge in the terms of operating Chainsaws as well in the search of right decision and direction. If you are now about to buy a Chainsaw, then you must keep in mind that if there remains any offer regarding sales service upon the purchase. Sometimes you may be glad, getting great discounts on different chainsaws in online, but you must be conscious, if there is no service provided available for you to solve any possible problems that may happen in the future. It will be a perfect step for you while you are about to buy a Chainsaw, is to follow the Chainsaw review. read best electric chainsaw reviews. Choosing a perfect Chainsaw can be your suitable tool partner by that you can complete several tasks.

chain saw products

chain saw products

How to proceed?
OK, let us imagine you are totally a new person who is ready to buy a Chainsaw. The first of all you have to know the types of Chainsaw and choose the suitable one for you. There are numerous types of Chainsaws, founded on the marketplace. Keep your mind still on one category and then have a good knowledge over that Chainsaw. You can acquire knowledge from this article.

Now be ready to have a Chainsaw. However, before buying a Chainsaw, you keep in mind about some most important features that must be with the Chainsaw such as portability, less vibrating, safety measurements, etc. You must not be quick to buy Chainsaw without considering the updated features that can be useful to you. I suggest you buy any of both Gasoline Chainsaw and electric Chainsaw. Both of these Chainsaw offer great advantages to the individuals. After having purchase a Chainsaw, now you need to operate it.

chain saw products 1

chain saw products 1

Security should be your own mindset very first
They have arrived at notice within a figure that lots of people encounter hurt whilst working Chainsaw, actually a number of them experienced passed away in most yr. Along with your own security, sketching a form focus on the actual Chainsaw is really a work of art way to remain safe through feasible risks. Using safety measure regarding Chainsaw can help you save as well. Maintaining security is a great work. Psychological along with health and fitness is needed when it comes to working Chainsaws. Be sure you are not hooked on several of medication as well as alcoholic beverages throughout utilizing the Chainsaw. You should be hook and you tend to be working the actual Chainsaw, could be mostly dangerous for you personally. The actual most secure operating of the thoughts may alert you to become protective from possible risks as well as accidents definitely.

Learn about safety measurement

In addition, you can acquire a great reducing through the Chainsaw, right after the Cycle will get great acrimony roughness un-savories. Risks could be occurring in most types of Chainsaw. You could reduce the potential of risks, from Chainsaw keeping the acrimony roughness un-savories. Cycle is a primary section of the Chainsaw. In order to reduce anything at all while you would like. This might be essential to open up the actual Chainsaw in order to develop through the Chainsaw. While maintaining the actual Chainsaw, you have to put on protecting mitts. In addition, you are able to choose a Chainsaw fixing store as well. Maintain your hands-on the actual Chainsaw to manage this, since it vibrates a great deal.

REAL ESTATE WATCH: Fishs Eddy gets spiffy new place settings;Tableware retailer lays a spread, with new SoHo site, coveted S.I. space

The retailer,giay bong da which sells surplus dishes, glasses and flatware as well as original designs, signed a 10-year lease for an 1,800-square-foot store at 60 Mercer St. in SoHo. It also bought a 35,000-square-foot Staten Island building at 139 Bay St. that it will use for a 6,000-square-foot outlet store as well as a warehouse.

The asking rent for the SoHo location, which is on the corner of Broome Street, was $200 a square foot. New Spectrum Realty Services Inc. represented the retailer in negotiations with Skyframe, the gallery that owns the space.

Fishs Eddy, which currently operates two stores in Manhattan and one in Southampton, paid $460,000 for the Staten Island property. Brokerage firm Vitale Sunshine represented seller Lenny Baldasano.

Fishs Eddy spent two years persuading Mr. Baldasano to sell the turn-of-the century property, a former carriage house with vaulted windows on its top floor. “It’s a gem,” says Julie Gaines, the chain’s co-owner.





She likes the location because it’s near both the Staten Island ferry terminal and the site of a planned minor-league stadium. And because the area is an economic development zone, Fishs Eddy gets tax incentives to move there.

The rub is that the gem badly needs polishing. As a result of a fire, it requires $300,000 worth of renovation. The company has lined up a construction loan from North Fork Bank to fund the work.


A new provider of alternative medical disciplines has chosen trendy SoHo for its debut.

The firm-called Haelth to mimic the Anglo-Saxon spelling of the word “health”-will offer acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, exercise physiology, tai chi, nutritional counseling and support groups. The goal is to prevent and manage chronic illness.

The company signed a six-year lease for 10,000 square feet at 599 Broadway. The rent is in the mid-$30s a square foot.

The firm originally planned to find a location in the East 50s or 60s for its complementary medical center, as this kind of operation is known. Then it switched to SoHo.

Pamela Damsky, Haelth’s co-founder, says the downtown neighborhood is just as good a choice as the East Side because of the high concentration of people there who would be likely to use its services. She also notes that there are seven subway lines to bring clientele from other parts of Manhattan.

Different brokers from Sinvin Realty Corp. represented Haelth and Raphael delRiego, the owner of the commercial condominium unit the firm is renting.

This owner was sympathetic to their use; a lot of building owners didn’t get it at all,” says Sinvin broker Michelle Stone, who represented Haelth in the deal.

Tableware 2

Tableware 2

Tableware 2


In other SoHo news, Lata GmbH chose a second location in the neighborhood. The Swiss shoe retailer signed a 10-year lease for 1,800 square feet at 430 West Broadway, between Prince and Spring streets. The asking rent was $300 a square foot.

Lata, which operates in the United States under the name Kerquelen, is already building a Manhattan flagship at nearby 44 Greene St. “But they really wanted a presence on West Broadway, which they see as attracting a different customer than Greene Street,” says Faith Hope Consolo, the vice chairman of Garrick-Aug Associates Store Leasing Inc., who represented both Lata and landlord Albert Laboz in the deal.

West Broadway is a bigger draw for tourists than Greene Street, which is where the locals shop.


Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. has lined up a deal to sublet 28,000 square feet at Citigroup Center, which is half the space it rented last summer for its midtown operations. The subtenant, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, plans to take the space at 153 E. 53rd St. for two years, at a rent of $70 a square foot.

DLJ and Jones Lang struck their deal directly.

Jones Lang says it deliberately made this unusual move: building out and occupying the entire space last year, then deciding afterward how much of it to give up. The point was to have enough space to allow for future expansion, says Peter C. Roberts, a managing director and co-president of the real estate brokerage’s tenant representation unit.



Imagine you had a great house party last night but miscalculated the number of guests. Therefore, your favorite home recipe did not get enough of the attention it deserved. You were too busy performing a cleaning spree that you forgot to put it in the fridge. Only the next day, when it was far from edible that you realized your mistake. What a frustrating thing right? Perhaps knowing what caused your food to spoil might be able to help.

There are five factors contributing to the spoilage of your food. They are: Pests, temperature, light, oxygen and moisture.


A common problem to food storing, ever since the ancient time, has been small animals invading the storage. These creatures are usually rodents (mice, for example) and insects. Even when you thought your food was safe, you might still be in for a surprise.

When smelling something good, the rodents will try their best to get a hand on it. Plastic warps, even thick ones, cannot stop them from penetrating through. Buckets can also be broken into if the mice are determined enough. Resorting to metal containers would be a great way to prevent such intruders. However, you still ought to check it frequently to be sure.

Vegetables and fruit bought from markets and supermarkets may contain little insects and their eggs. If so, they will hatch and infest your food, destroying them entirely behind your back. Rinsing and washing your fresh food right when you get home is a good idea.


Temperature is essential for cooking and preserving food. Many bacteria rely on heat to survive and reproduce. Therefore, keeping an eye on how hot the storage is really important if you want your food to last long.

The rule is: the hotter it gets, the faster your food spoils. But more importantly, unstable temperature is even worse. If the storage tends to constantly switch between being extremely cold to absolutely hot, it is not a great place to keep your food. An ideal place is where the heat can be kept consistent.


Certain food such as oil, canned food, etc. cannot last long staying under the light. The reason is because long exposure to light builds up the heat in your food.


We cannot live without oxygen and so does bacteria. If you make your own canned food, beware of leaks that allow air to sneak in and help these micro-organisms grow and ruin your dry food. Fat food, on the other hand, will produce terrible smell after a while. It also affects other food like grains, nuts, powdered milk…

Usually, when you buy food from department stores and such, you do not have to worry about this problem. Manufacturers will make sure to expand your food’s life span by canning or vacuum sealing them tightly. Some also got oxygen replaced with nitrogen to be preserved longer. However, if your food was bought from a street market, you had better find a way to prevent them from spoiling. (See solutions)


Moisture is the main reason your food becomes inedible. Bacteria and fungus relies a lot on this factor to live.

If your containers have not been opened yet, external moisture can destroy the cans from the outside. This can happen when the cans are placed on the basement floor, or put too close together – preventing the air flow. Sometimes, when the containers were not packed correctly, there could be air still inside it, completely spoiling your food. Food with opened container, or absolutely no container at all, must be given extra care when you have no intention of finishing them off anytime soon. (See solutions)


We have reviewed some reason of food spoilage. Here are some suggestions I have gathered from others, which is probably able to help you keep your food longer.

  • Pests: If there are too many of rodents inside your home, using traps is recommended. Do not use drug or poison of any kind for they are able to contaminate your food if you are careless. You should look for an exterminator if things are getting out of hand. Also, try using dry ice, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or freezing your food for over a week to kill off bugs that might be living in your food.
  • Temperature: Constantly refreshing your food storage is a good way to minimize the negative effects of temperature to your food. Just eat and replace them so you will always have a good source of supply.
  • Light: The solution is very simple. All you have to do is keep your food in a dark place. For example, try your basement, pantry, etc. instead of leaving it on the counter
  • Oxygen and moisture: The modern time has a good solution for this problem. To avoid too much air exposure for your food, get yourself a vacuum sealer. This useful machine can take all the air out of your container, sealing it tightly from most harm. Food usually stays fresh for a very long time with this method. Keep in mind that they still spoil. Therefore, you may want to put them into the freezer after sealing. To find a good vacuum sealer, search around the internet for vacuum sealer reviews if you can.


Hopefully, this article was able to give you some insight on the main factors contributing in food spoilage. Knowing what caused it allows us to find a suitable solution for each of them. If you follow these suggestions, a high chance you may encounter spoiling problem less than before.


Why do food spoil and how to prevent it? Check out this article and find out!

American Superconductor High Temperature Wire Used in Electrical Substation in China

American Superconductor Corp., a global power technologies company, announced that its high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire is being used in an electrical substation in China.

According to a release, located in the city of Baiyin in the Gansu province of China, and built by the Institute of Electrical Engineering, China Academy of Science (IEE CAS), the Baiyin substation was celebrated earlier this week on the 25th anniversary of the discovery of HTS materials. This substation is now supplying electricity with higher efficiency to customers. IEE CAS is a scientific research base in the electrical engineering field focused on high tech research and development of new electrical engineering and energy technologies.

Electrical Wire product

“The Baiyin superconductor substation is one of the most ambitious superconductor projects undertaken to date anywhere in the world,” said Dr. Xiao Liye, head of IEE CAS. “This is a holistic project that demonstrates howsuperconductors will be applied in substations throughout China in the years ahead. As China’s electricity needs continue to increase, these solutions will be essential to maintain a high level of efficiency and reliability for our homes and businesses.”

The company noted that the Baiyin substation began operation in February 2011 under a cooperation contract signed by Baiyin Municipal State Assets Supervising and Administration Committee, IEE CAS and Gansu Changtong Cable Company. The substation includes the following systems, all of which were developed by IEE CAS utilizing American Superconductor’s HTS wire:

-A superconductor fault current limiter (FCL): Superconductor FCLs act as high-voltage surge protectors for the power grid;

-A superconductor power cable system: HTS power cables are able to transmit up to 10 times more power than copper cables in the same footprint with high efficiency to support new sources of generation and load growth;

Electrical Wire product

Electrical Wire product

-A superconductor magnetic energy storage (SMES) system: SMES systems provide backup electric power that is able to respond instantly to power fluctuations on transmission and distribution grids; and

-A superconductor transformer: Superconductor transformers increase and decrease voltage with less power loss than traditional copper-based systems.

American Superconductor’s wire is also being utilized by Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute to develop new superconductor power cable solutions.

“China is moving forward on multiple fronts to become a first large-scale, commercial adopter of superconductor power grid solutions,” said American Superconductor founder and Chief Executive Officer Greg Yurek. “We applaud IEE CAS for developing superconductor products and implementing them in the Baiyin substation, and we look forward to supporting many more such implementations in China in the years ahead.”

American Superconductor noted that it is a manufacturer of HTS wire. Amperium wire is the brand name for the company’s second-generation (2G) high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire. This wire is able to conduct more than 100 times the electrical current of copper wire of the same dimensions. To put this into perspective, in high-voltage power transmission systems, just one of these ultra-thin wires would be able to carry enough power to serve the needs of more than 50,000 Chinese households. Applications for Amperium wire include AC and DC power transmission and distribution cables, ship propulsion motors and generators, wind turbine generators such as American Superconductor’s SeaTitan, degaussing systems for naval vessels, electromagnets, maglev trains, fault current limiters and FaultBlocker surge-suppressing power cable systems.

Using masks, part 2

When you begin to apply masks to reveal and hide parts of a layer, you’ll realize the economy of global image processing. That’s because few processes are equally good on all scales, colors, and brightness levels. for more information www.monclerspacciooutlets.com

This philosophy reaches its greatest achievements through the use of object masks because they are self-referential and strongly correlated to the luminance and spatial mapping of the image itself.

Although how software generates object masks varies from program to program, their application is almost always the same. Here, I used Photoshop.

I began by making a copy of the image (in this case, interacting galaxies NGC 5426 and NGC 5427) in which I wish to minimize noise and created a new layer with it. Then I created a layer mask on this upper layer, and I pasted the image (it is still in memory) into the layer mask.

Masks products

To enter a layer mask in Photoshop, press (and hold) the ALT key and then left-click on the layer mask icon. This brings you into the layer mask space, and you can paste the image.

Your “Layers” palette should now look like mine (see image #1). If you start with a color image, once you paste it into the layer mask, it will be a grayscale image and represent opacities (see November’s column).

You need to adjust this mask in two ways. First, the mask shows bright elements of the object as white and the sky background as black. Once you apply noise reduction to the upper layer, you want the mask to reveal the areas that need the smoothing and hide (protect) areas that have high signal.

Masks products 1

This means you expect the mask to be white where it coincides with the sky background of your upper layer. So, you need to invert the colors of the mask to make the object parts black and the sky background white.

In Photoshop, navigate through the “Image” menu to “Adjustments.” Apply “Invert” (CRTL+I). For the second adjustment, use “Levels” to make more of the object (including stars) black in the mask.

You now have constructed what I call an inverted threshold object mask. Most things that are above the sky background level –real things–are now black, and the smoothed layer will not contribute here (see image #2).

After making the upper layer active, I smoothed the image by first reducing “Noise” under the “Filters” menu. Typically, I set the strength to 2 or 3 with the other slider adjustments being small values (see image #3).

Then I apply an additional application of the unusually named “Dust and Scratches” filter at a one-pixel level. I fade this until the perception of some graininess remains, but not too much. You will need to zoom in 300 percent or more to monitor this process.

Finally, consider using one more of my image-processing tricks: Modify the black of the mask to a dark-gray value.

This will let you apply less noise reduction to the bright areas of the image. Using “Levels,” move the “Output” slider instead of the normal “Input” upper slider, and turn the black of the mask gray.

This isn’t a necessary step for all images, but it is a powerful variation when needed. In my next column, I’ll continue with masks and show you how to blend a deconvolved image with an original image using an object mask.


Caption: 1. The author inserted a copy of the image of NGC 5426 into the layer mask for the upper image. Enter the layer mask by left-clicking with the ALT key depressed. You’ll find a high-resolution version of the image at http://skycenter.arizona.edu/gallery/galaxies/ngc5426.

Caption: 2. The author’s next step is to apply a noise-reduction algorithm. The mask color inverts and contrast increases so only the background sky portions of the upper layer show. Black parts of the mask “protect” object features by hiding the smoothed upper layer and leaving only the lower (original) layer visible.

Caption: 3. This screen shot shows typical settings for the “Noise” selection under the “Filters” menu in Photoshop. When used in combination with the “Dust and Scratches” selection, as the author demonstrated in the text, the result is comparable to many other commercially available noise-reduction algorithms.

All things bright: stainless or silver? Vintage or new? Here are the complete flatware facts

STERLING is the purest flatware material, and the most expensive–at least $2,500 per service for 12. It’s 92.5 percent silver. strengthened with a little base metal, usually copper (a STERLING or 925 stamp signals authenticityl. Don’t save it for special occasions; the more you use it, the less it tarnishes, says Karl Sorensen of P.O.S.H., a home store in Chicago SILVER PLATE is nickel, brass, or stainless coated with pure silver, so it’s less costly ($400 to $1,000 per service for 12). An especially sturdy version, made for the rigors of commercial use, is known as hotel silver. Corrosion resistant, tarnish free STAINLESS STEEL, first produced ill 1914, made decent dinnerware affordable ($120 to $700 per service for 12). The best quality is 18/8 or 18/10–18 percent chromium (for strength) and 8 to 10 percent nickel(for shine). The flatware here: 1. Sterling teaspoon, $775 for a five piece selling, William Yeoward. 2. Sterling Soupspoon in Botticelli, $360 for a four-piece setting, Oneida Ltd 3 & 4. Vintage hotel silver soupspoon, $14, and silver plate vintage fish knife In English, $16, P.O.S H. 5.Sterling dessert fork in Quintessence, $270 for a five-piece setting, Lunt Silversmiths. 6. Silver plate dinner fork in Navette, $16, Replacements, Ltd. 7. sterling dinner knife in Winslow, $345 for a five-piece setting, Lenox. 8. Sterling salad fork. $450 for a five-piece setting, Ricci Argentieri. 9. Silver plate butter spreader in Marly, $83, Christofle. For details see Shop Guide.


Flatware products

* Why we’re sold on old: Intriguing details, better workmanship, good prices (as little as $10 apiece). And more variety, compared to today’s five-piece place setting, explains Karl Sorensen of P.O.S.H. “The Victorians had specialized utensils for everything-citrus spoons, cream-soup spoons, teaspoons, demitasse spoons ….”

* Sentimental journey: Vintage flatware may be a little worn, but that’s part of the charm. Sorensen is especially fond of hotel silver–an English teapot, say, stamped with the name of the establishment. “It’s a souvenir from the age of innocence.”

* A personalized table: “Pick up different patterns and put them together,” Sorensen says. “Make it fun; get your history involved. Maybe you inherited beautiful forks from your grandmother or found really cool fish knives at a flea market. Each thing tells a story.”

Flatware-products 2

Flatware-products 2

Flatware products 2

Care & Feeding

* Don’t let flatware sit around with food on it. Eggs, mayonnaise, lemon, vinegar, mustard, and above all salt–anything acidic or corrosive–can damage and discolor it.

* The dishwasher is generally safe, but avoid doing silver and stainless in the same load–a chemical reaction between the two can cause pitting and staining. Designs with special handles generally require handwashing, says Kim Madden of Reed & Barton.

* Silver is less labor-intensive than you might think. “If you use it all the time, you don’t need to polish that much,” says Sorensen. “Every other month is fine.” Store silverware in a drawer lined with a tarnish-proof fabric, or, Sorensen suggests, “just throw it in a Ziploc bag. “It’s the sulfur in the air that causes oxidation.”

* If you lose a piece of flatware, try calling Replacements, Ltd. (800-REPLACE), which carries more than 50,000 patterns.

Beach-ed in the kitchen. (What’s New?)

One of the blessings (or curses, depending on your point of view) of having a great cook for a spouse is that every conceivable holiday and celebratory feast brings famished family members and hungry friends to our door. While the guest list for these events continues to swell, our oven capacity has not. Ultimately, we had to call in the reserves, so we turned to Hamilton Beach, Inc., Glen Allen, Va., for a pair of much-needed backups: the RoasterChef Roaster Oven and Meal Maker Express Contact Grill.

The RoasterChef ($49.99), which bakes, roasts, cooks, steams, and slow-cooks, has a whopping 18-quart capacity. In other words, a 20-pound hunk of meat–be it turkey, ham, or prime rib–nestles comfortably inside. While the main dishes that emerge from this indispensible fixture are absolutely mouth-watering, the bevy of baked desserts it is capable of producing has the neighbors convinced we’re running a bakery in addition to our day jobs.

Beach-ed in the kitchen. (What's New?)

Beach-ed in the kitchen. (What’s New?)

Beach-ed in the kitchen. (What’s New?)


On the other hand, when we’ve got the Meal Maker Express Contact Grill ($49.99) going full throttle, the same neighbors are just as sure that the best diner in town is operating out of our kitchen–and it’s no wonder. This high-speed grill (able to cook both sides for most meals in 10 minutes or less) comes with a 102-square-inch cooking surface that, when opened flat, expands to a 216-inch double grill. It has a compact, upright storage design as well as dishwasher-safe removable grids and drip tray, and an Auto Shutoff Timer that does its thing when the cooking cycle is complete.

To help prepare the food that ultimately will end up on our table, there’s no better utensil than Hamilton Beach’s ShortCut Micro Food Processor ($29.99), the only one on the market with a three-way chute that facilitates continuous chopping, slicing, and shredding, as the cutup produce automatically moves through the “exit ramp” into the awaiting bowl. Moreover, the adjustable food gate lets the user chop to his or her desired consistency. The in-bowl storage design saves space, and the lid, blades, and bowl all can go into the dishwasher.

Beach-ed in the kitchen. (What's New?)

Beach-ed in the kitchen. (What’s New?)

While our better half has no peer in the cooking department, she gladly cedes control when it’s time to serve drinks. Being the retro hosts that we are, we couldn’t resist Hamilton Beach’s DrinkMaster Drink Mixer. (Hey, that was our nickname in college.) Modeled after the original 1911 DrinkMaster (when we go retro, we go all the way), this modern-day counterpart is the must -have version of any era. Available in green, white, chrome, and the just-released black-and-chrome (which costs an extra $15), you’ll swear it went directly from the old corner malt shop–although it’s equally adept at mixed drinks (our specialty)–to the kitchen counter. There even are “soda jerk” recipes included.

From its distinctive tiltable head to its weighted base to its oversized stainless steel mixing cup to its detachable spindle to its two-speed control, the DrinkMaster ($34.99) is the best (and best-looking) drink mixer to come down the pike since, well, early in the 20th century.

For the nearest Hamilton Beach outlet, call 1-800-851-8900 or log on to

This symbol * indicates USA Today has tested a product for operating in full compliance with the manufacture’s specifications and to determine is performance as applicable to our reader’s need. Disadvantages, if any, also are reported. Although we cannot guarantee a product, we offer the starred designation as a guide to readers.

Ekco Group to Market Farberware Bakeware

NASHUA, N.H., Dec. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Ekco Group, Inc. (NYSE: EKO) today announced that it has entered into a sub-licensing agreement with Meyer Marketing Company Ltd. to market bakeware products under the Farberware brand name. The sub-licensing agreement includes an initial five-year term which renews automatically in successive one-year periods until April 30, 2196. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“I am extremely pleased that Ekco Group is entering into this agreement which allows us to market bakeware under the popular Farberware brand name. Like EKCO, Farberware is a brand that stands for quality and reliability and is among the most-recognized brand names in the United States,” stated Malcolm L. Sherman, chairman and chief executive officer of Ekco Group. “The addition of a Farberware line to the Ekco Group bakeware family will expand and strengthen our market position.”




Robert Varakian, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Ekco, stated, “Ekco Group currently has the number one popularly-priced brand of bakeware in Baker’s Secret. The addition of the Farberware line provides Ekco Group with a strong entrance into the mid- to upper-priced bakeware market. It is our intention to heavily focus Farberware bakeware in the department and specialty store channels.”

Sherman added, “The Farberware brand bakeware line will provide Ekco Group with the potential to become the preeminent supplier of bakeware products across all distribution channels. Furthermore, this agreement will enable Ekco Group to leverage its strong manufacturing capabilities. The Farberware line will be distributed through our Via division.”


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Ekco Group’s initial Farberware bakeware products will be introduced at the January Housewares Show in Chicago.

Ekco Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of branded housewares products that are broadly marketed primarily through major mass merchant, supermarket, home/office and hardware stores. The Company’s products include household items such as bakeware, kitchenware, plastic storage products, brooms, brushes and mops, as well as nonpoisonous and low- toxic household pest control products.

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